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Performing Contemporary Israeli Music

Contemporary Composers: The Future of Classical Music

Dear visitors, we are still in the process to arrange this section of the website. Below information needs updating. Please bear with us.

There is one single composition I would like to bring to your attention already now: "Dear Son Of Mine" by Haim Permont, a true milestone in modern Israeli opera.


Playing Israeli Compositions...

Aviv Ron is known for his support of contemporary Israeli music. As music director of the Israel Chamber Orchestra Ramat-Gan he commissioned pieces from the most well-known contemporary Israeli composer as well established a collaboration with the musicology department at the Bar-Ilan University in support of young composers.

World Premieres

In chronological order.

Haim Permont: Cantata "Ishmael, Ishmael"
for Girls Choir and Strings Orchestra (Premiere)
Text: Shin Shalom. World Premiere:

Ronen Shapira: "The Wonder of the Wind"
for Percussion Solo and Strings
World Premiere:

Boris Pigovat (born 1953): "The Little Mermaid"
Prelude for Strings
World Premiere: 03 May 2003

Avner Dorman (born 1976): Concerto Grosso for String Quartet, Cembalo And Strings Orchestra
World Premiere: 01 February 2003

Zeev Steinberg: Music for Strings     '13
World Premiere: 03 March 2002

Igal Myrtenbaum: "Fractions" for Trumpet and Strings
World Premiere: 02 December 2000

Anat Fort: "Tzohar" for Piano and Orchestra
World Premiere: 04 November 2000

Zimra and Joffe: "Register " for Piano, Vibraphone and Strings
World Premiere: 04 November 2000

Piris Eliyahu: Poem Chahargah
Music from Azerbaidjan
World Premiere: 13 June 2000

Michael Shenhav (born 1963): Bach-Prelude
World Premiere: 06 May 2000

Gad Avrahami (born 1972): Serenade for Guitar and Strings
(Ruben Seroussi, Guitar) World Premiere: 22 January 2000

Avraham Kefeli (born 1972): "Dreams of the Gypsy Baron"
World Premiere: 18 December 1999

Aharon Razel (born 1974): "The Orchestra"
Music drama for narrator and orchestra
based on a story by S. Agnon
World Premiere: 13 November 1999

Oded Zehavi (born 1961): Ballad for Voice and Strings.
World Premiere: 5 June 1999

Eyal Baat: "Pagliacci" Fantasy for Accordion and Strings
based on the music of Nino Rota.
World Premiere: 10 April 1999

Eugene Levitas (born 1972): "Beautiful Day"
Concertino for Trumpet
World Premier: 13 March 1999

Piris Elihau (born 1960): "Dem"
Fantasia for Balaban, Carnay and String Orchestra
World Premiere: 9 November 1996

Special Projects

"The Beatles" - A Classical Suite
Arranged by Young Israeli Composers
1. "Obladi-Oblada" (E. Baat)
2. "Yesterday" (M. Dulizki)
3. "Eleanor Rigby" (M. Shenhav)
4. "Michel" (I. Zomer)
5. "And I Love Her" (I. Mirtenbaum)
6. "When I'm 64" and "Yellow Submarine" ( S. Mirenski)
World Premiere: 06 January 2001

"Little Red Riding Hood"
An original musical vision by composers from the Bar-Ilan University under the guidance of Gideon Lewensohn and Bety Olivero.
1. "Once upon a time" (E. Shifrin)
2. "No Trees No Wood" (A. Kafelii)
3. "A Dark and Dangerous Place " (S. Mirenski)
4. "... and Deep" (E. Bat)
5. "Two Times a Wolf" (Y. Myrtenbaum)
6. "Cannibal Dance" ( M. Shenhav)
7. "Where do you come from" (I. Sommewr)
8. "Triumphal March"( M. Doulirsky)
World Premiere: 03 March 2001

Israeli Premiers

J. Bardanashvili (born 1948): Concerto for Guitar
Israel Premiere: 22 January 2000

Gil Shochat: "The Water's Surface"
A Musical Painting for Narrator, Harp, and 22 Strings
after a Poem of Yehuda Amichai
Israel Premiere: 29 November 1997

Other Israeli Works

More modern Israeli music performed by the ICOR.

Boris Pigovat (born 1953): "Toccata" for Strings
Performed on 03 May 2003

Andre Hajdu: Divertimento for Strings
Performed on 04 November 2000

Oded Zehavi: "God, Hear My Prayer"
Cantata for Soprano Solo, Choir and Orchestra.    '14
Performed on 03 February 2001

Zeev Steinberg (born 1918): "Canonic Pieces" for Strings
(composed in 1959)      14'
Performed on 7 November 1998

Believe in modern music...


“The language of music has changed. Avoiding to perform contemporary music means to place the gravestone on classical music. Music has to breath life. If you don't believe in contemporary music, you don't believe in music at all."
Aviv Ron