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A Milestone in Modern Israeli Opera

Dear Son Of Mine
Music: Haim Permon | Libretto: Talma Alyagon-Rose

"Dear Son of Mine", with world premiere in 2000, deals in a musically potent and hard hitting dramatic scenario, with the issues of Arabic-Jewish relationships in Israel, of bereavement, a topical issue in Israeli politics and social responsibility. The opera won a major competition organized by the New Israeli Opera and the Israel Music Institute, and with its subject matter, idiomatic Hebrew libretto (by the poet Talma Alyagon-Rose) and wide range of musical references, from Tristan to children's Jewish festival songs, it represents a landmark in the genre of Israeli opera.

World premiere of Dear Son of Mine, by Haim Permont

Pictured: Yossi Aridan (Yigal) and Monte Jaffe (Taher)

"Dear Son of Mine" is an opera about present-day Israel, a country laboring under relentless pressures, ranging from the national to the sexual. It tell of a nation trying to cope with the bereavement that is a constant feature of its existence, transforming a local tale into a poetic opera of broad universal significance.

Dear Son of Mine by Haim Permont

Pictured: Merav Barnea (Debbie) and Monte Jaffe (Taher)

The plot hinges upon a couple who have lost their only son in war: the tension between them as the father tries to fill the void by "adopting" the young Arab laborer employed in his orange-grove. The latter, eager for acceptance, poses as a Jew, and as such inspires the love of the young American woman recently arrived in Israel, formerly the lover of his adoptive father.

Dear Son of Mine by Haim Permont

Pictured: Edna Prochnik (Rachel) and Monte Jaffe (Taher)

A series of confrontations draw a plot along, producing an opera whose courageous handling of national and personal issues cannot have a happy ending. It commences in bereavement, and ends in bereavement.

Cast and Team at the World Premiere

Produced by the New Israeli Opera,
during the Israel Festival 2000.

The premiere took place at the Rebecca Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem.

Team and Cast

Conductor: Aviv Ron
Director: Shirley Low
Set & Costume Designer: Eytan Levy
Lighting Designer: Yehiel Orgal

Characters (in order of appearance)
Rachel: Edna Prochnik
Yigal: Monte Jaffe
Thaer: Yossi Aridan
Debbie: Merav Barnea
Length of performance: one hour and a half without intermission