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Concerts For The Entire Family

"Theatrical concerts" reaching out to the youth...

Shortly after his nomination as musical director of the Israel Chamber Orchestra Ramat-Gan (ICOR), Aviv Ron initiated a new concerts series for the entire family: "I felt that we had to refresh the old tradition of family concerts. Today’s young audience is so different from the audience one or two generations ago. We had to face this challenge how to get young listeners again interested in classical music. And clearly this needed innovation and leaving the old path of traditional concerts."

Unlikely than other conductors who see family concerts as a burden, Aviv Ron took up this project with such high motivation, that in fact he signs responsible for the basic ideas and stories of many of the programs. Many of these programs were specially created for the ICOR and are the fruits of a co-genial work with the director and actress Irit Bashan.

Each of these fascinating programs focuses on different musical issues and offers another part of the musical spectrum. Richness of the musical expression, the characteristics of the instruments, the combination of music and imagination, program music, or the most abstract music of Bach, all of this and much more is conceptual heart of these family concerts.

As experience has shown, one of the best ways getting a young audience interested in classical concerts and reaching its attention is to get them involved in the performance. Therefore many of these concerts for the entire family - designed for listeners aged 5 and older - are three folded: music pieces, dramatic story and audience animation.

These concerts are aware of the dramatically changed up-bringing of our children and the intensified visual world around them and aim to make the encounter with classical music an adventure. "I would like to call my programs "theatrical concerts". They are neither music theatre nor musicals. Even though we depict a story, full of imagination and humor, the classical music and the orchestra, physically present on stage, remain the centerpiece of the performance," explains Aviv Ron.

Are you listening?


"Don't ask how to bring kids to classical music. Ask how to bring classical music to them!"
Aviv Ron


Peter And The Wolf
...And I


Danny is alone at night - some scarey sounds here, some strange noise there. What to do? How someone can possible sleep when everything around is frightening? Is there a way to overcome the fear?
Maybe the story of "Peter and the Wolf" will help! After all, its the story of a brave little boy going to battle fierce wolf.

By Sergei Prokofiev
Updated with a frame story and introduction to musical instruments.
Approved by the National Cultural Services, filmed by TV Channel 1
Featuring the actor Dani Ehrlich.

The Tale Of Norik And The Violin Maker


The story of a violin maker and Norik, a cheeky Italian violin. Norik cannot take it any longer and is fed up lying around quietly all the time. "What will happen to the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Brahms, if kids no longer will learn to play the violin?" asks Norik, and doesn't want to give up. With the help of the violin maker, Norik decides to make its come back!
With Yuval Aderet, a factual violin maker.
Featuring actress Irit Bashan, and a young violin soloist.
Pieces by Anderson, Schubert, Brahms, Schuman, Handel, Mendelssohn and Vivaldi.

Ferdinand's Carnival Of The Animals


This is the story of lonely prince Ferdinand, who gets ill out of boredom. Help is brought to him one stormy night by the conductor of the royal orchestra. The conductor teaches Ferdinand to imagine new friends created by melodies.
The nature in music, the music in nature, both make way to understand the basic concept of program music. How a storm or birds are expressed in music? Where does our imagination lead us to while listening to music?
With the actor Tom Idelssohn-Vered.
Featuring two singers and a recorder player.
Pieces by Offenbach, Saint-Saens, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rameau, Rossini, Mozart and Vivaldi.

The Secret Of The Flute


How come that a simple stream of air creates such beautiful melodies?
An amusing meeting of Prof. Quantz, famous inventor, and his pupil Theobald Boehm, the talented flute player. They are telling the story of the flute, starting from whistling on bottles, to wooden flutes, and finally - the golden flute.

With the flute player Eyal Ein-Habar
Featuring actress Irit Bashan
Pieces by J. Last, Folk Songs, Telemann, Irish Jig , Bach, Prokofiev, Dvorak, Rossini, Mancini and Mercadante.

The Toy Symphony


The story of old Jehojachim, who dreams that once the toy instruments he builds will actually perform with a real orchestra. One day two mysterious children enter his shop and give him an invitation to the royal party at the court of Lady Symphony. Jehojachim takes his toys and starts his journey...

This story - told in rhyme - serves as the platform for the explanation of many musical terms, e.g. piano, forte, adagio and allegro, gives an introduction to the strings instruments in the orchestra, and animates the young audience to participate.

With the actress Irit Bashan
Fearturing two dancers.
Pieces by Dvorak, Boccherini, Anderson, W. A. Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Telemann and L. Mozart.

The Magic Harp


Prince Thomas and his adviser Harpo, the harp player, try to save the Island of Sounds, which is threatened by the wicked and dangerous wizard. Through this fantasy and adventure story the audience makes acquaintance with one of the oldest and most enchanting musical instruments: the harp.

With Gitit Boazsohn, harp player.
Featuring two actors.
Pieces by Handel, Ponchielli, Anderson, Ravel, Grieg, Debussy, Salzedo, Brahms and Khachaturian.

The King's Fanfare


William, the trumpet player, gets chosen to work at the royal court and becomes friend with the music loving King. Everything is fun and joy, until both fall in love with the same maiden.

A classical concert for young listeners and the whole family and an overwhelmingly entertaining introduction to the trumpet in its various forms.

With the trumpet virtuoso Arik Davidov.
Pieces by Hummel, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Rossini, Smetana, Mendelsohn, Bizet and Verdi.

The Sound Of The Windmills


An introduction to the music of "old times". Pieces ranging from the Middle Ages to the Baroque are performed in a production which combines music and world literature: The story of Don Quixote, The Man of La Mancha, who fights to save the world of honor and beauty. An entertaining arrangement of Miguel De Servantes' masterpiece with music for orchestra by the Baroque composer George Phillip Telemann.

With the actor David Roe and featuring the Ensemble Rediviva:
Ganit Polin, Recorder and Singing
Alexandra Polin, Viola de Gamba
Katya Polin, Recorder

Telemann: Don Quixote Suite, and various music from the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.

Bumm Trach!!!


A fascinating and energetic musical performance combining classical music with the sounds of the percussion instruments. The young audience will find a wide range of percussion instruments on stage: The vibraphone, marimba, drums, bells and various instruments from all over the world. This program offers explanations, demonstrations and audience animations.

With the virtuoso percussion player Ziv Eitan.
Pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach/Gounod, Bizet, Strauss, Ravel, and Prokofiev.

Bach- ENTER [Bach made simple]

Bach-Enter: A family concert

How complicated actually is the music of Bach?

This is the story of the great composer in an up-to-date version for kids - through picturing a child playing a computer game on stage. This production calls for a meeting with the complex music of Bach in an entertaining way. The audience, by accompanying the child through the different levels of the computer game, is introduced to various compositions of Bach, learns about his biography, about typical instruments of the period like the cembalo, and musical expressions like canon and fugue.

With the actor Dani Ehrlich.
All pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.